Timmy's Story

Timmy Moltz working with his therapist on the parallel bars.

Timothy “Timmy” Moltz, cherishes time with family and outdoors — snow skiing, hunting, fishing and exploring the canyons near his Amarillo home. However, while at his job in a chemical plant, Timmy suddenly struggled to breathe. Suspecting a cold relapse, he returned home to his wife, Lisa, hoping for rest and recovery. Instead, his condition worsened, leading them to the local ER. The medical team initially suspected pneumonia but couldn't pinpoint the cause of his rapid decline, dubbing him the "Mystery Man."

After a month in the ICU, a breakthrough occurred when specialists diagnosed severe mitral valve regurgitation, meaning Timmy's heart valve was weakened, causing constant flooding of his heart with blood and severe breathing difficulties. He spent seven and a half weeks on a ventilator and received sustenance through a feeding tube directly into his stomach.

In the next step to recovery, Timmy underwent a seven-hour mitral valve surgery, a turning point in his journey which earned him the new moniker, "Miracle Man."

Following surgery, Timmy embarked on a journey of rehabilitation. He initially spent two weeks at a long-term care facility, but once he was able to liberate from the ventilator, he transferred to Select Rehabilitation Hospital of Denton, determined to regain his strength and return to normalcy.

Timmy had lost 40 pounds and significant muscle tone as a result of his illness and hospitalization. At admission, he wasn’t even able to stand. Physical therapy got to work, helping him build strength with exercises in his bed and soon he was able to move himself to the bed’s edge to work on sitting to stand. From there he transitioned to walking with a walker and climbing stairs.

In occupational therapy, Timmy learned how to use adaptive equipment like a reacher and sock aide while getting himself ready each morning. These aids increased his independence while still maintaining his surgeon’s recommendations to avoid reaching over his head or doing things that would strain his chest as he healed.

Sessions with speech therapy focused on vocalizing and breath control to help him regain his voice and stamina for speaking following his time on the ventilator.

Timmy's determination and Lisa’s support fueled his recovery. He emphasized the importance of her support, sharing, "Lisa has been my rock and my foundation. God's grace is helping me because there's no way I could do this on my own."

Twelve and a half weeks after his initial ER visit in Amarillo, Timmy left Select Rehabilitation Hospital of Denton, ready to return home with Lisa and embrace life once again. The "Miracle Man" will continue his rehabilitation journey through physical and occupational therapy at Select Rehabilitation Hospital of Denton’s outpatient program.

Timmy recommends Select Rehabilitation Hospital of Denton to anyone in need of inpatient rehabilitation, praising the staff's teamwork: "Everyone here is unified and works in conjunction with each other, and it just flows," he shares.

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